Spidey And His Amazing Friends

You will receive many interesting missions to solve and spidey will be put in difficulty every time. Guide him correctly over any obstacle and the dangers will disappear. The first mission will be an easy one to train and get used to the game mode. Use the space bar for any box in your path to jump over it. If you press the key twice you will be able to jump even higher over higher obstacles. Everything is so simple if you follow the instructions of the game carefully.

Play Swing Into Action with Spider-Man Friends

Now that you're used to the game, you can move on to another more interesting level where Spidey and his friends will take action. You have to recover a lost bike but it will not be easy. This time you will be able to swing from one building to another with the Z key and your friends will follow you. Collect as many coins as possible throughout the adventure.

Each time you will have to look for a certain lost object and it will be at the end of the route. The missions will be more and more spectacular and with the help of your team you will surely succeed.