Spider-Man Fly Hero Missions Into City

The flight is not his strong point so spider-man needs your help to guide him through obstacles. Try to master the hoverboard as well as possible, with the help of the mouse through the fine action of the left button. You can also use the spacebar key, now you choose what you find easier to use. The idea is to stay in the air as much as possible.

Play Spider Fly Heros On Hoverboard

So if you got used to the style of play, now we can talk about the missions you have to accomplish to make the game more interesting. The main idea is to collect as many coins as possible so that you can buy different upgrades to the hoverboard and more. However, the obstacles in your way are not to be neglected, you must avoid them as much as possible. As missions to be performed they will be visible in the table displayed inside the game.