Spiderman Cyber Sabotage

Welcome to Spiderman Cyber Sabotage

We invite you to have fun with the sensational Spider-Man, a superhero who is always prepared to put themselves in danger to keep safety New York city, where Peter Parker invites you to join him, to play the game entitled Cyber ​​Sabotage, a super action adventure game that you should not miss it. All the players deserve a chance to play this game, so we will do our best to achieve this. Well, before you play, read the instructions in the description of the game for a better understanding, and you will have more chances of success.

Games is divided into three levels, each with other mini-levels that you must complete. Someone from inside the great buildings from Oscorp, entered the servers of SHIELD, and have managed to infiltrate the network, where many secrets alpha state, which must protect. So, with Spidey, you will infiltrate Oscorp, where you go on the walls, you collect items, and try to defeat villain who is responsible for the hack.